UPK Teacher

We are incredibly proud of the work that we do and that we were chosen as one of three programs to be video-taped by the New York State Education Departments Office of Early Learning. The video-tapes are part of the teaching and leadership initiative to support quality practices in early childhood settings.

We are committed to the frameworks that NAEYC has provided to ensure that all children have a bright future and are in programs that understand and reflect an environment where children, families and staff are respected and represented.

We humbly acknowledge that learning never stops and that if we do not engage in a constant cycle of reflection and curiosity, we do not belong in classrooms or environments that influence and impact children’s mental health and self esteem.

We create courageous and brave spaces to support the psychological safety of our children and staff and work to understand and implement practices based on scientifically supported research (neuroscience, the science of development and learning etc).

We believe that all educators and practitioners in early childhood deserve to feel joy and we are committed in our fight for early childhood reform.

You are able to have a positive impact on children’s future learning, that is the truth. For children to be supported in classrooms where they are fully represented and their interests drive learning, you have to be supported in your development of reflection and joyous practice.

We are part of the State’s leading with racial equity initiative because we believe that change is necessary, that archaic research needs to be retired, that our classrooms need to represent the children, and that children deserve better from all of us.

We support the idea that you need to understand why before you can understand the how’s and the what’s. Everything that we do is brain-based and intentional.

Our teachers work in a co-teach model with children from multiple school districts. They work in direct oversight of children for 5 hours and engage in planning, meetings, and professional growth opportunities the remainder of their day and are supported by our own certified coaches and professional development specialists as well as others. Everything that we do is within the understanding of bottom-up philosophy (Pyramid, BLoom’s, DAP, Trauma informed etc).

Salaries are highly competitive. 

Teachers work a school calendar.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Teaching and co-facilitating child-centered, strength-based, interest-driven playful learning in Pyramid Model (SEL) informed classrooms that value the NAEYC Core Beliefs, commitment to anti-bias education, and family engagement.

Must be someone who wants to engage in reflective practices, coaching and professional learning opportunities that support continued professional growth and development.


Universal Pre-K candidates must be New York State Certified with experience in preschool and be committed to advancing equity in early childhood.

Must be ready to support the philosophy that every child is unique and as such deserves to be represented in the classroom and family connections and taught in a way that honors their cultural funds of knowledge as well as their unique strengths and interests.